RadStar GM 1-2

Designed specifically for radon mitigation professionals. Two diagnostic devices in one: Radon Grab Sampler and Micro Manometer.

Part # 28337

GM 1-2 Features

1 - Radon Grab Sampler

  • Performs a 6-minute radon grab sample
  • Displays real-time alpha particle counts
  • Readings in pCi/L or Bq/m3
  • Approximately 5-hour battery life

2 - Micro Manometer

  • Time Average option adjusts readings for high wind or other environmental conditions
  • Readings in "WC or Pascals
  • Approximately 5-day battery life

RadonAway® Easy Read U-tube Manometer

Measures pressure to 4.5 "WC (114mm) to monitor system operation. Helps radon mitigators to meet AARST-ANSI RRNC2.0 requirements. Includes u-tube manometer, tubing and 2 self-tap screws, system and component labels, homeowner information, and hangable plastic bag

  • Blue Liquid - Part # 50017
  • Red Liquid - Part # 50018

RadonAway® Checkpoint IIA System Monitor/Alarm

Audible alarm; green and red LED lights; factory present to activate at .25"WC (6.35mm) vacuum pressure; low voltage

Part # 28001-2

Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector

Designed for homeowner use; ionization sensor with audible alarm; short- and long-term radon level averages displayed after 48 hours; hourly beeps if long-term levels are 4 pCi/L (148Bq/M3) or higher.

Part # 28402

NOTE: Metric Equivalents (in parentheses) are approximate.