RadonAway® Radon Fans

RadonAway radon fans are designed specifically for ASD radon mitigation systems. They are built to perform effectively in all types of climate and soil conditions. With multiple fan lines and models to choose from, our customers can find the right fans for their radon mitigation jobs, from the most routine to the most challenging.


Fan Features

  • Energy efficient
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Meet all electrical code requirements
  • Water-hardened motorized impeller
  • Seams sealed to inhibit radon leakage (RP140 & RP145 double snap sealed)
  • ETL Listed - for indoor or outdoor use
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Rated for commercial and residential use
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

RP140 Radon Fan

Part # 23029-1

The RadonAway RP140 radon fan provides superior performance and ultra-quiet, energy-efficient operation.

RP145 Radon Fan

Part # 23030-1

The RadonAway RP145 is RadonAway's most popular radon fan, offering high air flow, energy efficiency, quiet operation and effective radon reduction.

RP265 Radon Fan

Part # 23033-1

The popular RadonAway RS265 radon fan has a 6" (168 mm) duct and is chosen most often by radon professionals when there is a need for quiet efficiency coupled with more power and higher air flow.

XP201 Radon Fan

Part # 23011-1

The RadonAway XP201 radon fan is ideal for most standard radon mitigation jobs. Its unique motor and impeller design makes it the most durable general purpose radon mitigation fan on the market.

GP501 Radon Fan

Part # 23005-1

The RadonAway GP501 radon fan provides versatility and a broad performance range for both initial installation and fan replacement. The GP501 is a superior replacement for the AMG - Festa Force radon fan.

Fan Accessories

Fan Mounting Bracket

Part # 25007

Fan Power Cords

18 ga cord with 3-prong plug and bushing

  • 6ft Cord - Part # 27005
  • 8ft Cord - Part # 27004

Fernco Flexible Couplings

Ideal for radon fan installation, these couplings are leak-proof, resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet rays, and seal against infiltration and exfiltration.

Fernco Couplings

3x3 - For use with RadonAway GP series fans

  • White - Part # 79037
  • Black - Part # 79010

3x4 - For use with RadonAway RP140, RP145, XP151, XP201 and with GP series fans if using a 4" vent line

  • White - Part # 79038
  • Black - Part # 79011

4x4 - For use with RadonAway RP140, RP145, XP151, XP201

  • White - Part # 79040
  • Black - Part # 79012

4x6 - For use with RP260, RP265, XR261

  • White - Part # 79039
  • Black - Part # 79013